"Serving the crofters of Lewis and Harris for over 50 years."

Lewis Crofters Ltd

About Lewis Crofters

Lewis Crofters Ltd is an agricultural co-operative. Established in 1958, the company was set up to supply the crofters on the Island of Lewis with animal feed, fertilisers, fencing and drainage materials and other general requisites.

The company has developed and expanded over the years and now has a large retail outlet supplying (amongst other things):

  • animal health products,
  • hardware,
  • footwear,
  • clothing,
  • tools,
  • camping equipment,
  • pet products,
  • garden sheds,
  • garden products.

Lewis Crofters Board Members

  • Iain Maciver
    Iain M Maciver, Chairman.
  • Norman Maciver
    Norman Maciver, Vice Chairman.
  • Kenny Maclennan
    Kenny MacLennan.
  • Alan Kerr
    Alan Kerr.
  • Neil Macleod
    Neil Macleod.
  • Angus J Corbett
    Angus J Corbett.
  • Peter Maclennan
    Peter Maclennan.
  • John H Macleod
    John H Macleod.

Lewis Crofters Staff

  • Alasdair Maclean Alasdair Maclean, Manager
  • Malcolm Donald Nicholson Malcolm Donald Nicholson
  • John Murdo Matheson John Murdo Matheson
  • Alexander Maclean Alexander Maclean
  • Alexander Murray Alexander Murray
  • Marie Macleod Marie Macleod
  • Catherine Macleod Catherine Macleod
  • Agnes MacIver Agnes MacIver
  • Stewart Macleod Stewart Macleod
  • Norman Macleod Norman Macleod
  • Christina Macleod Christina Macleod